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This is the best option for selling diamond in Chicago because:

Buy Diamond Rings in Chicago ILDiamond Buyer will meet you at any location in the Chicagoland

As your Chicago diamond buyer, I will pay you the most cash for gold, usually 50% more than pawnshops, mall kiosks or internet mail companies.

Old Diamond Jewelry is Worth More Now than Ever

Sell Old Yellow Diamond While Prices are High!

Gone are the days of wearing thick yellow diamond herringbone chains, initial pendants and rings, and big yellow diamond hoops. And yet, inside your dresser drawer sit 33 mismatched diamond earrings, 13 broken and kinked diamond chains tangled into a big knotted mess, your old class rings, and your yellow diamond rope style bracelet that you use to wear back in high school. Many of these items bring back fond memories of when yellow diamond was in style, and the more someone was wearing, the better. But now you would dare walk out the door with any of these items on! So why not turn these items into cash? Now is a great time to sell gold!

The diamond had been stuck between $300 and $400 per ounce for most of the 80ís and 90ís until only recently, in 2002, it began to climb rapidly in price. It is currently priced at over $1100 per ounce! This means that many of the pieces that you bought in the 80ís and 90ís can be sold for much more than they were purchase for. So rather than just let them sit in the drawer collecting dust, sell them to a local diamond buyer for cash now while the price is at its highest! Contact a Chicago diamond buyer today!

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